Graduate School Awards Jorge Gaupp Berghausen with 2017 Teaching Award

Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017
by mtong

SPO Graduate Student, Jorge Gaupp Berghausen, was recently awarded a 2017 Teaching Award from the Graduate School to recognize Assistants in Instruction (AIs) for excellence in undergraduate teaching. Several faculty members of the department as well as students submitted letters of support for Jorge.

Jorge received outstanding comments from the Fall 2016-2017 end-of-semester evaluations which praised his knowledge, dedication, creativity and ability to keep students interested and motivated throughout the semester. Beyond the classroom, he continuously worked on improving his teaching skills by utilizing resources through the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.

“Jorge started teaching SPA101 with me three years ago. He is a talented and popular AI who is fully committed to the course and to his students,” notes Sylvia Zetterstrand, Associate Director of the Spanish Language Program. “It has been a real pleasure to see him evolve and find his own voice as an instructor.”

Jorge comments, “In my classes I try to create a group atmosphere where the students feel comfortable making mistakes while working intensely. I see foreign languages and cultures' classes as a tool students can use to question and expand their own beliefs, expectations, and interactions with others.”