Gira Cósmica: SPO Student's experimental short-video now available on YouTube!

Sept. 6, 2022

By Catarina L. Oliveira

During Spring semester of 2022, the hybrid seminar "Environmental Literature: Thinking Through Plants”, taught by Professor Meira Monteiro in collaboration with the Ciclo de Estudos Selvagem, produced a final collaborative project that is now available on Youtube, and on the Selvagem platform.

The class, devised by Anna Dantes and Pedro Meira Monteiro, engaged seven undergraduate and graduate students from Princeton University in the production of an experimental movie and a collective notebook.

The notebook, available on Selvagem’s website, is composed of the reflections, narratives and creative productions made by students during the seminar. This material was then organized collectively, under the guidance of Victoria Mouawad, who spent a week in Princeton working on the project with the students.

The short video, "Gira Cósmica" (12'), was also created collectively, under the leadership of graduate student Catarina L. Oliveira and with the support of the McGraw Digital Learning Lab.

The soundtrack include songs composed by Allie Mangel and Liam Seeley,  and the video includes footage captured by students, who also worked together in editing it in the Digital Learning Lab.

The class welcomed distinguished guests such as Ailton Krenak, José Miguel Wisnik and Iara Rennó, who joined the conversation remotely. The complete talk that gave origin to the experimental video can be found here: "Cosmic Dance".