May 18, 2023

Emeritus Professor Ángel Loureiro has published a second novel, El fuego en el que ardemos (Madrid, Postmetropolis, 2022).

With a title inspired by a Delmore Schwartz’s verse, “Time is the fire in which we burn,” the novel moves continuously between the present and the past throughout the 20th century, to narrate the lives of five generations of a family, starting with the great-great-grandfather who emigrated to Cuba from Spain as a child at the end of the 19th century--returning years later with a small fortune—and spanning up to his heroin-addicted great-great granddaughter.

In a dispassionate manner, rarely with nostalgia and frequently with humor, the narrator chronicles the history of his family and its progressive ruin, reflecting on the persistence of the past, the ways memory changes with time, and the ghostly, sorrowful traces left in memory by what Faulkner portrayed as a “might-have-been which is more true than truth”.

Two copies of the novel are available at Firestone Library.