Dec. 6, 2023

In early November, Professors Pedro Meira Monteiro and Lilia Moritz Schwarcz welcomed eight scholars from Brazil, who are part of the multidisciplinary MinasMundo project, which promotes humanistic research and public initiatives on cosmopolitanism in and beyond Brazil. Over two intense days, they presented their research and interacted with colleagues and students from Princeton, who also presented their work from the perspective of a reconceptualized cosmopolitanism.

In total, there were almost forty presentations, a conference, and a musical performance.

many people sitting around a conference table with computers and other devices

Highlights of the meeting were the visit to Firestone's Special Collections with Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, a poetic-musical performance by Juliana Perdigão and Angélica Freitas, the "ManilaWorld" panel, and the closing conversation with André Botelho and Arcadio Díaz-Quiñones, titled “Cosmopolitanism and its Discontents”.

The MinasMundo project began three years ago and is expected to wrap up in 2024 in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the visit of a group of Brazilian modernists to the region.

The MinasMundo meeting in Princeton was funded and hosted by the Brazil LAB/PIIRS, with co-sponsorship from PLAS and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.