A conversation with Marcus Briggs-Cloud, Maskoke language revitalizer

Nov. 7, 2022

On October 11, Marcus Briggs-Cloud visited SPA-LIN-LAS 211 (Varieties of Spanish). Our group joined Prof. Sarah Rivett's AMS 322/ENG 242 (Native American Literature) class.

Marcus Briggs-Cloud is a Maskoke language revitalizer, scholar, and musician. He is co-director of Ekvn-Yefolecv, an intentional ecovillage community of Indigenous Maskoke persons who have returned to their ancestral homelands to practice linguistic, cultural, and ecological sustainability. Marcus is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and a doctoral candidate in interdisciplinary ecology at the University of Florida. His publications address issues of liberation theology, linguistics, ecology, race, and gender identity.

In his class visit, Mr. Briggs-Cloud discussed his experience as a Maskoke speaker and language revitalizer. He talked about the inception of Ekvn-Yefolecv, a Maskoke ecovillage located in Alabama, and the impact that this project has on language reclamation and maintenance. On October 12, he also gave a workshop on indigenous ideologies and language revitalization to the Princeton Indigenous Language Alliance.