May 24, 2023

On May 16th, Paula Perez-Rodriguez successfully defended her dissertation titled Verboexorbitancias. El paso de "la literatura" a las artes verbales en España, 1909-1936, advised by Germán Labrador Méndez.

Perez-Rodriguez tells SPO about her research and how Princeton resources helped her achieve her goals:

"My research has always had a focus in the cultural consistency of different categories, among them, that of “literature” and its different technologies and cultural requirements. A natural professional outcome where I thought I could contribute from the combined perspective of my objects of study and my academic experience was that of publishing, where I had been previously involved.

Paula Perez Rodriguez and James Van Wyck

Paula Perez Rodriguez with James Van Wyck of GradFUTURES

Thanks to GradFUTURES and its Social Impact Fellowships, I was able to acquire additional key insights into the world of nonfiction and academic trade books. At my new position as an Acquisitions Editor at Turner Libros/Publicaciones, I hope to contribute to the creation of more solid and stable cultural & reading networks between the academic communities of the US, Latin America and Spain. Above all, I hope to offer more chances for prominent and critical interdisciplinary thinking beyond, but not in opposition to, academia."

Congratulations Paula!