May 24, 2021

Congratulations to our graduating Ph.D. students. Their names and dissertation titles follow:

Berta del Río Alcalá
Dissident Theatricalities: Civil Practices and Democratic Imaginaries (Spain, 1968-1992)

Marina Miguel Bedran
A Turn to Amazonia: Experimental Art, Indigeneity, and the Rise of Political Ecology in Brazil

J. Miguel Dominguez
Esquirlas de la vanguardia: Juan García Ponce y la literatura como supervivencia en el México del desarrollismo

Sowmya Ramanathan
Textures of the Sensible: Reading Affect in Diamela Eltit

Congratulations to our graduating concentrators. Their names and thesis titles follow:

Daniela Alvarez
La Gran Cárcel: Two Militarized Borders, Two Failed Asylum Systems and a Mexico-Wide Prison

Daniel Benitez
Redefining Drag: The Art of Translating Gender

Brandon Dunlevy
Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Clandestinity, Resistance & Perceptions of Indigenous People in Castile

Nasir Ismael
Jogo Bonito? Investigating the Extent of Racial Bias in Sports Commentary of Domestic Football in Brazil

Jimin Kang
Tales from Indigenous Brazil: A Translation of Daniel Munduruku's Chronicles of São Paulo & The Lessons I've Learned

Rita Keazer
“I just like to sing”: Exploring La Lupe’s unique performance style as a nexus of her cultural identity, spiritual journey, and uninhibited love for Salsa

Jesús Martinez
Irene, Gerardo, y Yo: An imperfect political screening of the other, its memory, and its extremes

Cierra Moore
Language and Power in Mental Healthcare: Developing a Mental Health Literacy ESL Curriculum for the Trenton Spanish-Speaking Community

Rodrigo Pichardo Urbina
God is Mexican American: Poetry translations in conversation with Historical and Contemporary Violence towards Mexican Americans in the US

Alejandro Roig
Seis Ensayos de la Realidad Lingüística Española

Ashley Michelle Roundtree
The Legend of Dandara: A Translation and Critical Analysis

Trinidad Santos
Fleeing on Foot: A Selected Translation of Alans Peralta’s Con el pais a cuestas

Hannah Rose Smalley
"Arquitectura sin arquitectura": reimaginando el Parque Biblioteca España Santo Domingo Savio desde la itinerancia

Lydia Spencer
Barras de Oro: Rap, Capital, and Resistance in Contemporary Spain

Alvin Synarong
O progresso social pelas paradas: How the São Paulo Pride Parade Reflects Progress for Queer Equality in Modern-Day Brazil

Congratulations to our Spanish certificate students:

Ares Alivisatos
Germán Arrocha
Kaitlyn Bolin
Colton Casto
Lydia Choi
DeAnna Christensen
Ara Eagan
Angelly Garcia
Daniella Gonzalez
Isabel Griffith-Gorgati
Carson Gutierrez
Gabriela Hayward-Lara
Jared Holeman
Heidi Kim
Kennedy Miller
Jonathan Ort
Joseph Ort
Sarah Radwan
Sabrina Sequeira
Hunter Sporn
Emma Street
Diana Tang
Diego Torres-Gutierrez

Congratulations to our Portuguese certificate students:

Michael Pereira
Francisca Weirich-Freiberg