June 1, 2020

Congratulations to our graduating Ph.D. students. Their names and thesis titles follow:

Yasmina Aidi
El estrecho de Gibraltar y los imaginarios del cannabis: culturas y contraculturas rifeño-hispano-magrebíes (1859-1995)

Diego Baena
La literatura y sus pueblos: demopoéticas de la España liberal (1834-1854)

Jorge Gaupp
Poetics of solidarity: The emergence of anarchist mass culture (Spain, 1898)

Congratulations to our graduating concentrators. Their names and thesis titles follow:

Karina Aguilar Guerrero
Alas pa' Volar: Poetic Counter-Storytelling

Cecilia Hsu
Marian Miracles in Pre-Inquisition Castile: An Annotated Translation of Codex 1 from the Archive of the Monastery of Guadalupe

Nathalie Jimenez
Don y Responsabilidad: Initiatives Towards Sexual and Reproductive Health Education Reform in Costa Rica

Katie Kuk
Controlling Bodies: Media Messaging to Hispanic Women About Contraception in the United States

Elizabeth Love
MultiplicateX7: A Comparison of the Organ Donation and Transplantation Systems in Argentina and the United States

Edwin Ordonez
Sueños Heredados: Journeys of an Undocumented Son from Puerto Viejo

June Philippe
To Exist is to Resist: Black Transnational Thought & Aesthetic in Afro-Brazilian Identity, Appearance-Based Bias, & Hair Politics

Alejandra Rincon
Time Commences in Xibalba: A Queer Analysis of Gender Mestizaje and Trauma Temporalities

Peter Schmidt
A Mountain There

Anne Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff
Children in Crisis: Trauma Exposure and Mental Health Outcomes Among Central American and Mexican Children Held in Immigration Detention at the United States-Mexico Border

Hadley Wilhoite
Representations of a Dictatorship and its Dissidents: An Analysis of Gender and Genre in Three Illustrations of the Trujillato

Alice Wistar
Communicating the Environmental Toll of Beef to Promote More Sustainable Food Choices: An Exploratory Experiment

Congratulations to our Spanish certificate students:

Zoe Barnswell
Taylor Branch
Manuel Castaño
Sarah Coffey
Liana Cohen
Ruben Dicker
Couty Fall
Binita Gupta
Colleen Heidorn
Krista Hoffman
Sara Howell
Shirley Klimkiewicz
Janet Lee
Emily McDonnell
Ryan McGregor
Taylor Nolan
Matthew Oakland
Susan Orth
Kezia Otinkorang
Olivia Ott
Hayoung Park
Ilana Perkins
Danielle Peters
Andrea Reino
Christo Ritter
Ashley Salimbangon
Alexis Stokes
Caroline Taber

Congratulations to our Portuguese certificate students:

Paulo Frazão
Christopher Sayan