April 24, 2024

On Thursday April 18, the SPA/POR 500 Teaching Methodology seminar (co-taught by Alberto Bruzos Moro and Nicola Cooney) had the great 

Pablo and tatiane presenting to G1s

pleasure of welcoming back into the classroom two G2 "alumni" from last year, Tatiane Rangel and Pablo Guarín, to share with this year's cohort their experiences and reflections on teaching Portuguese and Spanish. Modelling the very best of teaching practices, Tatiane and Pablo engaged the group in an interactive and community building game which encouraged us all to consider some of the anxieties and joys that come with teaching, as well as the importance of cultivating support networks. Obrigada, gracias to them both for their generosity in and beyond the classroom! It has been a great seminar that brought together students from across campus, and we are excited to welcome a talented new crop of SPO AIs to the POR and SPA language programs next year:  Estela, Luisa, María Alejandra and Mario! Bem-vindas y bienvenido!