April 26, 2023

The following is the statement provided by one of the students in the class:

"Professor Martin spoke to our class about Cape Verdean Language and Music, focusing on the late Cesária Évora or “The Barefoot Diva”. While discussing Évora’s musical career, Professor Martin also gave us some insight into the history of Kriolu, which is the language commonly spoken in Cape Verde. We learned about the relationship between Portuguese and Kriolu, and how all official documents in Cape Verde are written in Portuguese even though over half of the population isn’t fluent. In Professor Cooney’s class we have been focusing on Portuguese language from all over the Lusophone world through music and short stories, so Professor Martin’s talk perfectly related to other discussions we’ve had on colonialism’s impact on language, music, and cultural exchanges. I had never listened to Cesária Évora’s music before this class, but I ended up including one of her songs titled “Moda Bô” in my final project for Professor Cooney, which is to create an annotated playlist of songs from different Lusophone artists." ~ by Elise Hogan (AAS)

Visit the Princeton in the Portuguese-Speaking World Exhibit to access the Elise's playlists as well as those of other students which can be downloaded through QR codes. In addition to music, the exhibit also showcases other students' work in poetry and images from and about the Portuguese-speaking world. The exhibit will be open from April 24-29. 

As an added bonus to the Princeton in Portugal program, the Spanish and Portuguese Department is thrilled to provide the opportunity to 10 Princeton students to visit Cape Verde this summer! Visit the SPO website this fall for follow up news and photos from their trip!