May 23, 2023

In addition to silkscreen posters and prints donated soon after they moved to Princeton in 1982, SPO Emeritus Professor Arcadio Díaz-Quiñones and Alma Concepción added 6 more pieces from various graphic artists to their generous donation.

Alma Concepción’s papers, currently held at the Special Collections at Firestone, will be the subject of a seminar on dance and belonging in Puerto Rico that will be embedded in SPA 250/LAS 250/HUM 251/LAO 250 Identity in the Spanish-Speaking World.

SPA 250 students and the SPO community at large will have yet another opportunity to engage with the art donated by Alma Concepción and Arcadio Díaz-Quiñones in October, when Puerto Rican artist Antonio Martorell will be featured in the Gillett G. Griffin Memorial Lecture Series with a conference entitled Aguas de colonia: presencia de imperios, ruinas, desastres naturales, pandemias y curación en el arte gráfico puertorriqueño.