• SPO and Princeton Capoeira Join Together for Noite de Capoeira II

    Friday, Dec 1, 2017

    SPO and Princeton Capoeira organized the second edition of Noite de Capoeira on Thursday, November 29th.

    Students and participants learned a little bit about maculelê and capoeira, which are important expressions of Afro-Brazilian culture. Agulha, the instructor from Princeton Capoeira, explained the relation between maculelê and capoeira.

    Overall, participants expressed their enthusiasm learning about Afro-Brazilian culture through this fun and engaging event.

  • Portuguese Certificate Student Jordan Thomas Awarded Rhodes Scholarship

    Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017

    Jordan Thomas ’18, who is pursuing a certificate in Portuguese, was recently awarded a Rhodes Scholarship for graduate study at the University of Oxford.

    The Rhodes Scholarships are the oldest and most celebrated international fellowship awards in the world. Thomas is among the 32 American recipients of the prestigious fellowships, which fund two to three years of graduate study at Oxford.

    Read more here.

  • Students, Faculty and Friends Gather to Commemorate the Life of Ricardo Piglia

    Monday, Nov 6, 2017
    by mtong

    By Julie Clack

    On October 12, over 40 students, faculty, staff and friends gathered on Princeton University’s campus for a tribute to Ricardo Piglia, professor of Spanish and Portuguese languages and cultures, emeritus. Piglia died Jan. 6 of cardiac arrest from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was 76.

  • Junior Seminar Students Participate in CBLI Program “Gente y Cuentos”

    Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017
    by mtong

    The Junior Seminar (taught by Professors Christina Lee and Nicole Legnani) participated in a CBLI Program called “Gente y Cuentos” in Trenton on October 27th. The program, moderated by Alma Concepción, aims at making literary works accessible to anyone, regardless of his/her literary level.

  • Students Gain Language Conversation Skills Through SPO Language Tables

    Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017
    by mtong

    For students looking to improve their Spanish and Portuguese conversation skills, language tables are an excellent way to allow them to practice speaking with instructors, peers, and native speakers.

    Language tables are informal weekly meetings that give students the opportunity to discuss anything from daily life, current events, books and readings, as well as other general topics of interest. Students are also encouraged to bring up other specific topics that they would like to discuss.

  • Graduate Spanish Reading Proficiency Exam Registration

    Friday, Oct 13, 2017
    by mtong

    The Department of Spanish and Portuguese will offer its annual examination on reading competence in Spanish to graduate students from other departments on: Thursday, November 30, 2017 in 111 East Pyne from 4:30 - 6:30 PM. 

    Graduate students who would like to register for the examination should provide their name, department and e-mail address, to Professor Sylvia Zetterstrand by Thursday, November 16. Students who do not register in advance will not be able to take the exam.

  • Congratulations to Jorge Quintana Navarrete

    Monday, Sep 11, 2017
    by mtong

    Jorge Quintana Navarrete has successfully defended his dissertation, “Un Deseo de lo Futuro: La Imaginación Utópica en el México Revolucionario (1910-1940).” Jorge is a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Dartmouth College.


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