• SPO, LGSA (Latino Graduate Student Association) and PLA (Princeton Latinos y Amigos) Host Traditional Dinner

    Thursday, Dec 14, 2017

    On December 13, 2017, SPO collaborated with LGSA (Latino Graduate Student Association) and PLA (Princeton Latinos y Amigos) to host a special traditional dinner at the Carl Fields Center. This event (which has reached its fifth installment), featured Brazillian food, including feijoada, a traditional stew of beans, pork and sausage, all catered by the Newark-based restaurant, Brasilia Grill.

  • SPO and Princeton Capoeira Join Together for Noite de Capoeira II

    Friday, Dec 1, 2017

    SPO and Princeton Capoeira organized the second edition of Noite de Capoeira on Thursday, November 29th.

    Students and participants learned a little bit about maculelê and capoeira, which are important expressions of Afro-Brazilian culture. Agulha, the instructor from Princeton Capoeira, explained the relation between maculelê and capoeira.

    Overall, participants expressed their enthusiasm learning about Afro-Brazilian culture through this fun and engaging event.

  • Video: Bankruptcy and Citizenship: Puerto Rico a 21st Century Colony?

    Monday, Nov 20, 2017

    On Friday, October 20, 2017 the Program in Latin American Studies at Princeton University sponsored Part I of a symposium on Bankruptcy and Citizenship in Puerto Rico, titled Debt and Colonialism in the Aftermath of Hurricane María. Invited speakers Juan González, Frances Negrón- Muntaner, Yarimar Bonilla and Rafael Cox-Alomar examined the social and political consequences of the Puerto Rican debt crisis in the context of the recent hurricane. Discussants included Princeton faculty members Jeremy Adelman, Rachel Price, Vera Candiani and Robert Karl.

  • Students, Faculty and Friends Gather to Commemorate the Life of Ricardo Piglia

    Monday, Nov 6, 2017

    By Julie Clack

    On October 12, over 40 students, faculty, staff and friends gathered on Princeton University’s campus for a tribute to Ricardo Piglia, professor of Spanish and Portuguese languages and cultures, emeritus. Piglia died Jan. 6 of cardiac arrest from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was 76.

  • Cuban Slavery and the History of East Pyne

    Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017

    Written by Rachel Price

    In 1900 Moses Taylor Pyne withdrew funds to begin construction on what would eventually become East Pyne, the building that now houses the Spanish and Portuguese as well as other language departments.

  • Video: Dilma Rousseff, “The Challenges for Democracy in Brazil”

    Friday, Sep 22, 2017

    Written by Charlie Hankin, July 2017

    Protests calling for the return of the military dictatorship were visible throughout Brazil during 2015 when I was living there. A paradoxical request: protesting against one’s right to protest. Negative sentiments toward President Dilma Rousseff culminated in her impeachment, what she and many others have called a political or parliamentary coup.

  • Prizes Awarded to Undergraduates on Class Day

    Monday, Jun 5, 2017

    The Department announced the following prizes which were awarded to undergraduates at the Class Day reception held June 5, 2017:

    Premio Ángel Rama for excellence by a freshman or sophomore in advanced Spanish courses: Reed Hutchinson '20

    Premio María Zambrano for an outstanding junior paper in the Department: Maxwell Grear '18

    Vicente Llorens Castillo Senior Prize in Spanish for overall academic excellence by a graduating senior: Cara Zampino '17 & Daniel Rounds '17


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