• "A Conversation about Career Paths for PhDs in SPO"

    Monday, Nov 23, 2020

    On Friday, November 20, a panel of SPO graduate alumni spoke to current graduate students to share insight and advice about pursuing career paths with a Ph.D. in Spanish and Portuguese.

  • SPO gathers together for holiday reception

    Thursday, Dec 19, 2019

    On December 11, faculty, lecturers, staff, graduate students, and concentrators gathered in Palmer House for the department’s Holiday Reception.

    Chair Pedro Meira Monteiro began the evening with brief remarks and announced the departure of visiting faculty member Arturo Arias, as well as Professor Aisha M. Beliso-De Jesús who has been appointed as a full time professor in the Program in American Studies effective in the spring.

  • Whispering at Princeton

    Thursday, Dec 5, 2019

    By Alejandro Martínez

    On November 25 "The Whisperers", a performance directed by the Argentine theater director Vivi Tellas, took place at Princeton. Students, faculty and staff walked through the campus together while reading various texts about Latin America in a quiet voice.

  • Drag Kings: An Archeology of Spectacular Masculinities in Latino America

    Monday, May 13, 2019

    By Julie Clack

    Last month, Professor Javier Guerrero, in collaboration with Northwestern University’s Nathalie Bouzaglo, convened the first international Drag Kings symposium at Princeton. The three-year project, titled “Drag Kings: An Archeology of Spectacular Masculinities in Latino America,” “debates the future of gender in the unequal, plural, and contradictory space that we call Latino America.”

  • Department celebrates launch of Populisms in Latin America, Spain, and Beyond

    Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    On April 18, 2019, the department hosted a book presentation and panel to celebrate the launch of ¿El populismo por venir?. The co-editors of the book, Professor Emeritus Ángel Loureiro and Professor Rachel Price, were joined by Professor Germán Labrador Méndez and Professor Vicente Rubio (Fordham University) to reflect on the book, and more generally on ongoing populist movements around the world.

  • SPO welcomes newly admitted students at languages open house

    Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019

    On Tuesday, April 9th and Monday, April 15th, the Spanish and Portuguese Department joined other language departments in East Pyne to welcome newly admitted students from the Class of 2023 for Princeton Preview.

    Admitted students and their families sampled international foods while interacting with faculty, lecturers and staff to learn more about courses, study abroad opportunities, and international research and internships.

  • SPO Gathers Together for Holiday Reception

    Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

    On Wednesday, December 12, 2018, students, faculty, graduate students and staff gathered at Palmer House for a Holiday Reception before the winter recess.

    Acting Chair Rubén Gallo began the evening with brief remarks followed by Professor Rachel Price who introduced Visiting Student Research Collaborator (VSRC), Mónica Ravelo.


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