Spanish Reading Proficiency Exam

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese will offer its annual examination on reading competence in Spanish to graduate students from other departments on:

Date and Location TBD


Graduate students who would like to register for the exam should provide their name, department and e-mail address to Prof. Mariana Bono by Friday, November 15thStudents who do not register in advance will not be able to take the exam.

(1)    The exam will consist of translating two texts Spanish into English. Each text is about 250 words in length. The texts you will be required to translate are: 

a)   A narrative text from a literary source (such as an excerpt from a novel, short story or memoire)

b)  An excerpt from an essay or academic text in your general field of study (e.g. art, architecture, literature, music, sociology, etc.) 

(2)    Use of dictionaries is allowed and, in fact, recommended; however, for security reasons, only paper dictionaries may be used.

(3)    PLEASE NOTE: The exam will not be repeated in the spring term.  

Additional information:


Mariana Bono, Associate Director of Spanish Language Program