Fall 2024, Early Spring 2025

August 1
Graduate Student Fall Term Course selection.

August 23
New Graduate Student (G-1) Fall Term course selection.

August 27
G-1 students will meet with the DGS from 2 pm to 4:30 pm. Then, G-1 students will have a welcome dinner at a local restaurant with the DGS at 6 pm.

August 28-29
Graduate School Opening Address/Orientation

August 30
International Graduate Student Orientation

September 2
Labor Day Holiday – No Classes

September 3
G-2 students’ deadline to send the 50-book list to the DGS and GPA
Fall Term Classes Begin.

September 16
G-3 students will have a dinner with DGS and the Chair to discuss Prospectus General questions from 7:30- 9:30 pm.

September 12
G-2 students will meet with DGS and GPA from 2:00 to 3:30 pm at Chancellor Green Café to discuss the general examination process. 

Welcome Back Reception from 5pm-8pm.

September 26
First day of Ph.D. General Examinations

October 7-11
Midterm Examination Week

October 12
Fall Recess Begins

October 20
Fall Recess Ends

October 21
Classes Resume

November 26
Thanksgiving recess begins after the last class.

December 1
Thanksgiving Recess Ends

December 2
Classes Resume after Thanksgiving Recess

December 5
Graduate Students Deadline for Fall Term Course Changes

December 8
Reading Period Begins

December 15-22
Reading Period Ends.

Graduate Students Spring Term Course Selection

January 2
Graduate Admission closes at 11:59 PM

January 2-8
DGS reviews and assigns all the new candidates’ files to faculty.

January 13
Part II – General Exams

First day Winter session

January 26
Last day of Winter session

January 31
Last day to submit Part II – General Exams