Graduate Students Calendar

Fall 2020

August 1
Graduate Student Fall Term Course selection

August 20
New Graduate Student (G-1) Fall course selection.

August 24
G-1 virtual meeting with DGS. Each student in the first year will have a virtual meeting with the DGS to select Fall courses.

August 26
Graduate School Opening Address/Orientation

August 30
G-2 students dateline to send the 50-books list to the DGS and GSA

August 31
Fall Semester classes begin.

September 7
Classes meet as Scheduled Labor Day

October 5-9
Midterm Examination Week

October 10
Fall Recess Begins

October 13
Fall Recess Ends

October 14
Classes Resume

November 24
Final day of Regularly Scheduled classes Thanksgiving recess begins after last class

November 29
Thanksgiving Recess End

November 30
Graduate Students Spring Term Course Selection Begins at 7:30 am Reading Period Begins.

December Day TBD
G-2 Part II General Exams

December 4
Graduate Students Deadline for Fall Term Course Changes

December 8
Reading Period Ends. Dean’s Day

December 9-15
Fall Term Final Examinations