Graduate Students Calendar

Spring 2021

January 11
G3: “The Field Statement” (Part II of the General Exam) is due.

January 18
Winter session Begins

January 31
Winter session Ends

February 1
Spring Semester Classes Begin

February 4 and 5
Ph.D. candidates will be virtually hosted

March 13
Spring recess Begins

March 16
Spring Recess Ends

March 17
Classes Resume

March 19
G3: Draft of Dissertation Proposal Due to Advisors

April 15
Graduate Student Reenrollment Opens

April 23
Graduate Students Deadline for Spring Term Course Changes

April 27
Spring Term Classes End

April 28
Graduate Students Fall Term Course Selection Begins Reading Period Begins

April 30
G-2: Part I of the General Exams begin Deadline for Graduate Student Reenrollment

May 5
Graduate Students Course Selection Ends Reading Period Ends Dean’s Date

May 12
G1: Oral Presentations

May 17
G3: Dissertation Proposal Presentation

May 24
Graduate School Hooding Ceremony (tentative)