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Please note:  400-level undergraduate courses may be taken for graduate credit.

Spanish Graduate Courses

Methodology of Spanish Language Teaching: Seminar and Practicum
This course offers an introduction to key terms, concepts and issues in the fields of second-language acquisition and language-teaching pedagogy as it relates to the teaching of Spanish and Portuguese. Students acquire knowledge, as well as develop and practice skills that prepare them to teach foreign languages, select content and create materials, assess student performance, and reflect upon their own teaching practice. The course's theoretical principles are applied to the teaching of the four linguistic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The teaching of culture and use of new technologies are also addressed.
Instructors: Alberto Bruzos Moro
Seminar in Colonial Spanish American Literature: What We Talk About When We Talk About the Conquest of America
In studying colonial texts we inevitably bring into play our own particular historical consciousness, that is, our myths, prejudices, categories, understandings of objectivity and subjectivity, and a sense of being correct with respect to the beliefs of previous generations. We read primary sources in conjunction with texts informed by various theoretical strands in order to explore how Conquest was performed, questioned, resisted and understood and how we (who is this "we"?) understand them today.
Instructors: Nicole D. Legnani
Slavery, Anti-Slavery, and Post-Slavery in the Iberian Atlantic
This course introduces students to important texts from the immense body of scholarship on slavery, anti-slavery movements, and post-emancipation culture in the Iberian Atlantic world, focusing primarily on the "slave societies"of 19th-century Cuba and Brazil and their connections to the greater Caribbean. Grounded in historiography, the course includes literature, court documents, visual culture, studies of post-emancipation movements, theories from the black radical tradition, and films about Latin American slavery. Sub-topics include insurrections, autobiography, religion, the role of translators, conucos/provision grounds, fashion.
Instructors: Rachel Lee Price

Portuguese Graduate Courses

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