Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Graduate Students

Department of Spanish and Portuguese graduate students who need Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can request the department purchase a subscription license for them.

Request process

  • Submit the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC request form at the link below.
  • Shortly after submitting the request form you will receive a notification from the Princeton Service Portal that a request has been opened.
  • Once the request has been reviewed and approved, a subscription for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC will be purchased through the OIT Store using University funds. 
  • You will receive a follow up email with information on how to install and activate Adobe Acrobat Pro DC after the purchase is complete.

Please allow 3-5 business days to process the request.

Subscription license information

  • The subscription license is active from the time it's purchased until the following June. Subscriptions are reviewed and renewed every spring.
  • If you leave the University, your account is disabled or suspended for any reason, or you are no longer a graduate student with the department, your license is returned to the department.
  • If you find that you no longer have need for or are not using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, please reach out to either Justin Kazlauskas or Karen González so the subscription license can be returned to the department.

⭐️ Important: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is provided to assist with University-related work. All use is subject to all Princeton University policies, including the Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities.

What features does Adobe Acrobat Pro DC have?

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has a robust set of features to create, edit, convert, and work with PDF files. A list of these features is available on the Acrobat Pro DC page on Adobe's website (do not purchase from Adobe's website).

A few often requested features are:

  • Convert to and from PDF
    • Convert any Office file into a PDF.
    • Convert PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or image formats.
  • Edit PDFs
    • Markup, highlight, comment, and edit PDF files.
    • Make scanned text editable and searchable using Acrobat's optical character recognition (OCR).
    • Merge or split multiple PDF files and reorder or delete pages from a PDF file. 
How many computers can I install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on?

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can be installed and activated on up to two computers that you own and meet the the Acrobat's system requirements.

The application can only be open and in use on one computer at a time.

See Adobe's support article Can I install my Adobe app on another computer? for more information.

How long will I have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

Access to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC requires an active subscription. Subscriptions are renewed every June.  All subscriptions are reviewed in the Spring before they are renewed.

The license is tied to your Princeton account. You will also lose access if:

  • You leave the University or your account is disabled for any reason
  • You're no longer a graduate student in the department
  • You return the license to the department
Can I submit a purchase request if I'm outside of the United States?

Yes. If you will be outside of the United States when this purchase is completed, you can still submit a purchase request using the form linked on this page.

Downloadable software and other "technical data" that is transmitted to people outside of the United States is subject to the University's Export Controls Policy. If you will be abroad, the purchase will be reviewed to ensure compliance with any applicable export controls.

There is a question about this on the purchase request form.

Additional Resources

Configuring Adobe Acrobat

Using Adobe Acrobat

  • Working with scanned document using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • ​​​​​​​You can make scanned documents searchable and editable using Acrobat's built-in OCR functionality.
      • Note: OCR is not always going to be fully accurate and in some cases may not be possible. Success will depend on several factors including the quality of the image file you're trying to convert.
    • See Adobe support article How to edit scanned PDFs for more information.
  • Creating fillable forms
  • Creating PDFs from other files
    • You can create a PDF from files in other formats.
    • This can be useful when you need to convert something like a Word document to a PDF. This method preserves a lot of the invisible structure of a file and makes it easier to edit in Acrobat. This is different than using Print to PDF which removes all of the underlying structure. 
    • See Adobe Support article How to create PDFs from text and image files for more information.
  • All other support


Paper with checkmark meant to be an icon to submit a form

Submit a purchase request

Submit the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC request form to request the department purchase an Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription.

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Check the status of your request

If you've already submitted a request, you can check the status in the Princeton Service Portal.

Question mark in a circle - used as an icon for getting more help

Request additional assistance

If you need additional assistance or have a question that was not answered on this page, please reach out to the department's IT support person, Justin Kazlauskas.