The Trial, A Film by Maria Augusta Ramos | Brazil LAB Film Series

Mon, Oct 22, 2018, 4:30 pm

Screening and discussion of The Trial (with English subtitles).

The film portrays the trial of Brazilian former president Dilma Rousseff, focusing on the defense team, who struggles to prove her innocence against a majority vote by a Congress riddled with corruption. A tale of betrayal and corruption, The Trial presents Rousseff's personal story: herself imprisoned and tortured by the country's former military dictatorship, she now faces impeachment accused of fiscal crimes. Rousseff declares herself innocent and accuses the right-wing opposition of perpetrating a parliamentary coup d'état. The Trial witnesses how the impeachment triggers a profound political crisis in Brazil. It looks at the collapse of the democratic institutions and at the economic and geopolitical interests at the very heart of this crisis. The film offers a behind-the-scenes look at this historical moment.

Followed by a discussion with the director, Maria Augusta Ramos.

Marina Bedran
Graduate Student, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Miqueias Mugge
PIIRS Postdoctoral Fellow
Brazil LAB Teaching Fellow

View the teaser with English subtitles.

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