Submitting an event

The Event submission form is for internal department use. If you are not affiliated with the department and would like to inquire about an event, please email


The Event Submission form, linked at the end of this page, will collect initial information about your event, allow you to request honorarium for any guest speakers, and send the information to the appropriate department staff member(s) for processing. Please submit the form as soon as the guest speaker(s) attendance has been confirmed.

You must submit a separate form for each event you're planning to host. Each event submission will allow you to request honorarium for up to 4 guest speakers. If a guest speaker will be speaking at multiple events, please include them on the submission for each event.

ℹ️  Important 
If your event will have in-person guests, you must receive the Chair's approval and submit the separate Sponsored Visitor Request form before submitting the Event submission form linked on this page.
Please refer to the Visitor Policy for a copy of the Sponsored Visitor Request form and additional details.

After submitting an event

Shortly after you've submitted the form, a copy of the information you provided will be automatically sent to your Princeton email address. Once the information you've submitted is received and reviewed, a staff member will follow up with additional questions and the event will be added to the internal events calendar on SharePoint.

If you submit your event within 48 hours of its planned date, it's important that you be in contact with Silvana Bishop as soon as possible after submitting the form. This will ensure any time sensitive event processes are started as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, please reach out for assistance.

  • For questions with class visit honoraria for the language programs, please contact Juliana Griffin.
  • For questions with all other class visits, guest speakers, and events, please contact Silvana Bishop.
  • For technical questions or issues with this form, please contact Justin Kazlauskas.