Oct 29, 2021, 9:00 am9:00 am
010 East Pyne


Event Description

SPO Research Day is a space for dialogue for the whole community within the Spanish and Portuguese department. Twenty-six presenters—comprised of graduate students, lecturers, and faculty—will present on their current or ongoing research projects and/or creative and literary endeavors. Each presenter will have the floor for 15 minutes, and each panel will have time after all presenters have spoken for questions and comments from the audience.

Open to the Princeton University community. 

PDF of SPO Research Day Program

Organized by:
Oriele Benavides
Renee Congdon
Yangyou Fang
Rodney Lebrón Rivera
Alejandro Martínez (Organizing Committee Chair, 2021)


Contributions to and/or sponsorship of any event does not constitute departmental or institutional endorsement of the specific program, speakers or views presented.