Semovente: histórias existenciais entre saúde e arte / Beings in movement: existential stories between health and art

Nov 3, 2022, 4:30 pm6:00 pm
355 East Pyne (SPO lounge)


Event Description
This event will be a round table discussion conducted entirely in Portuguese.

Host: Pedro Meira Monteiro

Speaker: Fabiana Carelli

Discussant: Dr. Arbel Griner

About the Speaker:

Fabiana Buitor Carelli is a Visiting Fellow Researcher at Princeton University's Department of Spanish and Portuguese and an Associate Professor of Lusophone Comparative Literatures at the University of Sâo Paulo, Brazil. She is the founder and coordinator of GENAM (Group of Studies and Research in Literature, Narrative, and Medicine) at the University of Sao Paulo, curator, and host of GENAM's Book Club (available on YouTube), and GENAM's podcast Ciência Poética {Poetical Science] (available on Spotify and other platforms), author and editor of many academic books and papers, as well as a writer and illustrator.