Prohibido hablar de política II: "En el Congreso"

Mar 31, 2023, 5:00 pm7:30 pm
Scheide Caldwell House 103


Event Description

Prohibido hablar de política is a series of talks and workshops that seek to reflect on the conditions that make political conversation possible in different social and cultural environments in the Spanish-speaking world. To this end, we invite experts from different disciplines and regions of the Spanish-speaking world to give a talk on a specific case followed by a workshop to experiment with diverse conversational practices.

In this second session, Manuel Levin, spin doctor of the former vice president of Spain, Pablo Iglesias, will talk about his experience writing political discourses for the parliamentary sessions as well as about his new projects with Iglesias, La Base and Canal Red. La base is a political podcast broadcasted by Canal Red, a digital television channel created to break the media monopoly of large corporations that dominate communication in Spain and Latin America. His talk will be followed by a workshop on political communication. Vicente Rubio Pueyo (Fordham University), an expert in contemporary Spanish political culture, will act as a respondent for the talk and co-organizer of the workshop.