Apr 14, 2023, 9:45 am4:45 pm
Chancellor Green 105



Event Description

This workshop is jointly hosted by Princeton University and by the Center for Constitutional Studies of the Supreme Court of Mexico and is aimed at meeting to discuss existing initiatives in this field, identifying challenges and brainstorming ideas. The workshop is part of a broader objective to publish an edited volume.

9:45-10:00AM OPENING REMARKS Anna Alsina Naudi & Nicolás Espejo Yaksic
10:00-10:20AM 1 Renato Constantino: “Accommodating Justice: the rights of persons with disabilities in the justice system in Latin America”
10:20-10:40AM 1 Marcela Tenorio Delgado:  "Do you want to include people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the justice system, but you are afraid to ask? Five examples from Latin America"
10:40-11:00AM 1 Questions and discussion  
11:00-11:15AM   Coffee break 
11:15-11:35AM 2 Nicolás Espejo Yaksic: “Conceptualizing child friendly justice. Principles, guarantees and challenges”  
11:35-11:55AM 2 Maurizio Sovino: “Building a child-friendly system for children victims and witnesses of crime in Chile: Advocacy, design and implementation.”  
11:55-12:20PM 2 Questions and discussion  
12:20-1:30PM   Lunch break 
1:30-1:50PM 3 Anna Alsina Naudi: “Language and Access to Justice. Achievements and Challenges Ahead in the Judicial System”  
1:50-2:10PM 3 Paulo Bacca: “Cosmopolitics of Interlegal Translation in Transitional Justice Ecologies of War in the Awá Territory"
2:10-2:30PM 3 Sebastián Valencia: "The rights of indigenous peoples before justice. Jurisprudential advances of the Supreme Court of Mexico"
2:30-2:55PM 3 Questions and discussion
2:55-3:15PM 3  Coffee break 
3:15-3:35PM 3 Alma Beltrán y Puga: “Gender justice in Latin America: a theoretical review of judicial policies"


3 Javier Moreno: “Language Access and International Law: (Un)Supportive Legal Instruments Granting Translation Rights to Ethnic Minorities"
3:55-4:15PM 3 Katie Becker: "Accessing Justice When You Can't Read: Toward Literacy-First Program Design in Legal Services"



Questions, discussion, and wrap-up 


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  • University Center for Human Values
  • Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
  • Humanities Council

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