The Eyes of the Journey

Thu, Apr 5, 2018, 4:30 pm

A special screening of a film by Rodrigo Otero Heraud
In Quechua with English subtitles
Followed by a discussion with Rodrigo Otero and Hipólito Peralta

“The Eyes of the Journey” is a poetic film that expresses the feelings of Andean culture toward Mother Earth, and the search for a deeper understanding of nature as a living being, as an eternal companion for humankind. It premiered at the Festival de Cine de Lima in August 2017. It was filmed entirely in Quechua and it follows Hipolito Peralta, a healer and a strong proponent of the revitalization of Andean thought and spirituality in his journey through several sacred spaces in the Andean world. Peralta has an MA in Bilingual Intercultural Education from the Universidad de San Simón (Cochabamba, Bolivia) and has worked extensively on revitalizing the Quechua language. He has researched Quechuan traditional knowledge about human relations with nature to find a balanced way of living with ecological preservation. The trailer can be viewed here.

010 East Pyne