Dr. María Iñigo Clavo (UOC)- Return to Modernity: 1992 Spanish Colonial Nostalgia; 2010 Decolonial Bicentennials

Mon, Feb 17, 2020, 4:30 pm

Dr. Iñigo Clavo will review two historical moments that are fundamental to considering the relationship between Spain and Latin America and its modern discourses. 1. The ostentatious celebration of the “Discovery” in 1992, as a Spanish strategy to present its recent entrance into the European Community from a perspective of imperial nostalgia. 2. The bicentennial celebrations of Independence in 2010. In brief, two moments for getting back to modern discourses that were also reinforced by a wave of blockbuster exhibitions about modernity in several European cities: Afromodern (Tate Liverpool), Altermodernity (Tate Britain), Moderity Pluriel (Pompodou), Modernologías (MACBA), In the Desert of Modernity (HKW), Principio Potosi (Reina Sofía), Modernity through the looking glass (Generali Foundation), etc. In brief, we will review this return to modernity in postmodern times.

Dr. María Iñigo Clavo is a researcher, curator and lecturer at Open University of Catalonia, with a PhD in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. Her research focuses on coloniality, curating and museology, modernity and its inventions of otherness, and art in Latin America with special attention to Brazilian Art. She is a co-founder of the independent research group Península: Colonial Processes and Artistic and Curatorial Practices, in collaboration with Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. She was Visiting Fellow of Afterall Research Center (2016-2017), a researcher for the AHRC project Meeting Margins: Transnational Art in Europe & Latin America 1950-1978, University of Essex and University of the Arts London and postdoctoral Fellow at the University of São Paulo (FAPESP). She has written extensively for publications such as e-flux, Afterall, Stedelijk Museum Journal, Versión/sur, Concinnitas, Revista de Occidente, Bilboquet, Re-visiones, Lugar Común, among others.

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