Still image from the film

Jogo de Cena

Eduardo Coutinho
Brazil, 2007, 103 min. 

An ad in the Rio newspaper brings in women from all walks of life to talk about their experiences, but are they telling the truth? The latest fascinating experiment from the Brazilian master. 

movie still from Agarrando Pueblo

Agarrando Pueblo

("The Vampires of Poverty")
Luis Ospina and Carlos Mayolo
Colombia, 1978, 28 min.

A team of committed Colombian filmmakers goes out on the streets of Cali to make a searing exposé of the Colombian underclass for German TV–or is it exploitation? Much-discussed but rarely seen alternative classic of Latin American cinema.

movie still from Desazon Suprema

La Desazón Suprema: Retrato Incesante de Fernando Vallejo

("The Supreme Uneasiness: Incessant Portrait of Fernando Vallejo")
Luis Ospina
Colombia, 2003, 90 min.

Fernando Vallejo, the great Colombian novelist, invites filmmaker Ospina into his home for an unsparing self-portrait. Together, they unravel the writer’s bitter love-hate relationship with his native country, which is at the creative root of an astonishing autobiographical oeuvre.

movie still from La guerre

La guerre d'un seul homme

("One Man's War")
Edgardo Cozarinsky
France, 1981, 105 min.

The wartime diaries of writer Karl Junger, sensitive observer of human behavior and -–at the same time— military governor of Nazi-occupied Paris, serve as a departure for Cozarinsky’s enthralling reflection on personal responsibility and collective guilt. Made in exile, this remains a groundbreaking work of Latin American documentary.

movie still from Unas Fotos en la Ciudad de Sylvia

Unas Fotos en la Ciudad de Sylvia

("Photos in the City of Sylvia")
José Luis Guerín
Spain, 2007, 67 min.

The quest to find a young woman met long ago in a foreign city allows Guerín to virtually reinvent the possibilities of cinema by a paradoxical process of subtraction: no movement, only photographs, and no sound, only words written on the screen. The result –-a new kind of literature according to the filmmaker-- is absolutely spellbinding.