Gabriel Orozco movie still

Gabriel Orozco

directed by Juan Carlos MartÍn
(Mexico, 2002, 80 min)

Following around the great conceptual artist Gabriel Orozco for almost three years, from his native Mexico City to Rome, Vienna, New York and back to a deserted beach near Oaxaca, Juan Carlos Martín’s intimate and seemingly ubiquitous camera reveals an artist at work as we have rarely if ever seen. Best Film, Guadalajara Film Festival 2002.

El Dia Que Me Quieras movie still

El día que me quieras

("The Day You’ll Love Me")
directed by Leandro Katz
(USA, 1997, 30 min)

A non-narrative film investigating death and the power of photography, El Día Que Me Quieras is a meditation on the last pictures taken of Ernesto Che Guevara, as he lay dead on a table surrounded by his captors, in Bolivia in 1967. Not a political documentary in the traditional sense, the film alternates between evocation and straight reportage, centering on an interview with the Bolivian photographer Freddy Alborta. International Jury’s Coral Prize, La Habana Film Festival.

The Odds of Recovery movie still

The Odds of Recovery

directed by Su Friedrich
(USA, 2002, 65 min.)

A film about six surgeries, one bad hormone problem, a fifteen-year relationship and the onset of middle age. Su Friedrich documents her personal journey through a multitude of often unexplained illnesses and the problems she faces while encountering the medical establishment. 

movie still from Noticias de uma Guerra Particular

Noticias de uma guerra particular

("News From A Private War")
directed by João Moreira Salles & Kátia Lund 
(Brazil, 1999, 57 min)

A documentary about urban violence in Brazil. The scene: Rio de Janeiro. The players: policemen, drug dealers and ordinary citizens, all involved in a daily war with no winners. A kind of real-life version of the recent international hit City of God. Best Brazilian Film, It’s All True film festival, São Paulo.

movie still from El Sonidero

El sonidero

Juan Carlos Rulfo presents his current documentary work-in-progress 




movie still from Los Rubios

Los rubios

("The Blondes")
directed by Albertina Carri
(Argentina, 2003, 89 min)

Albertina Carri is the child of “desaparecidos”, political activists abducted by a military death squad in the late 70s when she was barely four years old. This extraordinary, unclassifiable film, which Carri herself calls “a fiction of memory”, combines actors, animation and documentary in a brave attempt by the filmmaker to explore the complicated relationship between her parents’ disappearance and her own identity. Audience award and Best Argentine Film award, Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival.

movie still

João Moreira Salles and Andrés Di Tella

Workshop participants will have the exclusive opportunity of previewing works-in-progress and discussing working methods with some of the most original documentary filmmakers from Latin America and the USA. Juan Carlos Rulfo from Mexico, João Moreira Salles from Brazil and Andrés Di Tella from Argentina will screen extracts from their current works-in-progress and provide exclusive insights into the problems and decisions involved in the documentary filmmaking process. Su Friedrich from the USA will also introduce her latest film, The Odds of Recovery, which like many of the most interesting documentaries today, reflects on its own making. The work-in-progress behind the documentary is no longer concealed from view in the completed film, but rather exposed by the filmmakers as an inescapable reality of documentary work.