filmmaker Salles
João Moreira Salles (Brazil)

João Moreira Salles will be presenting, for the first time, his current work-in-progress about Lula da Silva, the President of Brazil. He will also introduce Noticias de uma guerra particular (“News From a Private War”), one of the key films of the recent boom in Brazilian documentary production.

Filmmaker Juan Carlos Martin
Juan Carlos Martín (Mexico)

Juan Carlos Martín was a successful director of music videos before embarking on a documentary about his friend Gabriel Orozco, who at 40 has become Mexico’s preeminent artist of his generation. At the Guadalajara Film Festival, Gabriel Orozco was chosen as the best Mexican film of the year, a unique distinction for a documentary.

Filmmaker Albertina Carri
Albertina Carri (Argentina)

Albertina Carri is among the most promising talents of the new generation of Argentine filmmakers currently storming international film festivals. She has directed No quiero volver a casa, her feature debut, and Barbie también puede estar triste, an inimitable animated short, somewhere between pornography and the theater of the absurd.

Filmmaker Leandro Katz
Leandro Katz (Argentina / USA)

Leandro Katz is a conceptual artist, filmmaker and photographer born in Buenos Aires and based in New York. El día que me quieras, presented here, is part of a larger work-in-progress that has included installations, photographic prints and a chronology in the form of a 41ft. horizontal scroll. His films include The Visit and Mirror on the Moon.

Filmmaker Juan Carlos Rulfo
Juan Carlos Rulfo (Mexico)

Juan Carlos Rulfo will be presenting his current work-in-progress on memory and music in Latin America, El Sonidero. Rulfo emerged as one of Latin America’s most distinct documentary voices with Del olvido al no me acuerdo, a journey into the world of his father, the famous Mexican writer Juan Rulfo.

Filmmaker Su Friedrich
Su Friedrich (USA)

Su Friedrich writes, directs and does technical work of almost all her films, which include Sink or Swim and Hide and Seek. Often autobiographical in content and experimental in form, Friedrich's films question illusion, belief, cultural and sexual identity and film conventions. She currently teaches film production at Princeton.

Filmmaker Andre Di Tella
Andrés Di Tella (Argentina)

Andrés Di Tella is the Director of the Princeton Documentary Festival. He is a documentary filmmaker based in Buenos Aires. His films include Montoneros, una historiaProhibido and La television y yo. He also created and directed the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival. He will be presenting his current work-in-progress Viaje al país de mi madre.