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The Princeton Documentary Festival was created to bring attention to the current creative explosion of documentary filmmaking in Latin America and Spain.  Through public screenings, commentary and discussions, the festival provides its audience with exceptional, cutting-edge films that would not be otherwise available.  The aim is to contribute to a more comprehensive vision of the cultures from which this work springs, while encouraging a more informed debate on the specific topic addressed in each series and on the current state of documentary production. 


Past Festivals

2011: Festival VIII
Pictures and Words

2009: Festival VII
The Other, the Same: The Subject of Documentary

2008: Festival VI
Real Stories: Fact and Fiction in the Documentary

2007: Festival V
Family Photo Album

2006: Festival IV
I Was There: The Filmmaker as Witness

2005: Festival III
Private Movies: Intimate Stories in the Documentary

2003: Festival II
Work In Progress

2002: Festival I
Crossing Borders: Between countries and cultures, fact and fiction, information and experience.