Nov 15, 2022, 5:00 pm7:30 pm
East Pyne 010


Event Description

The Caribbean Studies Speakers Series represents a collective effort to foreground Caribbean Studies at Princeton University by convening a group of scholars based on their innovative research in and on the region. From experimental soundscapes and digital self-writing to archival pedagogies and emancipatory memory, the works of these pioneers cross academic disciplines, not to mention historical, linguistic, and national boundaries. They also provide insights into ever-present questions about citizenship and belonging, racialization and coloniality. The series will consist of three panels, to take place on September 22, October 31, and November 15 of 2022: East Pyne 010, 5:00 pm. (see events schedule to confirm future panel times and locations as listed here)

Speakers: Paloma Duong (MIT), Ana Rodríguez Navas (Loyola University Chicago)
Discussant: Rubén Gallo (Princeton University)
Chair: Rodney Lebrón Rivera (G4, Spanish and Portuguese, Princeton University)
Moderator: Rubens Riol (G2, Spanish and Portuguese, Princeton University)

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