Events Archive


PLAS Presents: Leonardo Cardoso: State Acoustics in Brazil

Wed, Apr 10, 2019, 12:00 pm
Location: 216 Burr Hall

Princeton Preview: Languages Open House

Tue, Apr 9, 2019, 10:30 am
Location: Chancellor Green Upper Hyphen

Brazil LAB: Distributive Issues in Brazil (and what to do about them)

Thu, Apr 4, 2019, 12:00 pm
Location: 144 Louis A. Simpson Building

PLAS Presents: Pablo Piccato: Poetry in the Public Sphere in Republican Mexico: A Reading of Ignacio Ramírez

PLAS Presents: Book Presentation: The Zapatista Movement and Mexico’s Democratic Transition by María Inclán

Brazil LAB: Writing by Ear: Clarice Lispector and the Aural Novel

Tue, Mar 26, 2019, 4:30 pm
Location: 3rd Floor Atrium, Aaron Burr Hall

Brazil LAB: Black Feminisms across the Americas: A Tribute to Political Activist Marielle Franco

Thu, Mar 14, 2019, 1:45 pm to Fri, Mar 15, 2019, 2:00 pm
Location: 399 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

Rachel Rubinstein- “The Yiddish Columbus: Critical Counter-History and the Remapping of American Jewish Literature”

PLAS Presents: Cristina Freire: Decolonize the Museum: Utopia?

Wed, Mar 13, 2019, 12:00 pm
Location: 216 Burr Hall

Brazil LAB: Decolonizing Art: A Conversation with Brazilian Artist Adriana Varejão

Fri, Mar 8, 2019, 12:00 pm
Location: 144 Louis A. Simpson