Oct 21, 2020, 6:30 pm6:30 pm
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Lecture and performance by Alfredo Castro. 
Discussant: Javier Guerrero (Spanish and Portuguese, Princeton University)
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Reconocido actor y director de teatro chileno. Alfredo Castro expondrá su poética actoral, pondrá en escena la metabolización del otro.

“Cuando actuamos no es tan solo el cuerpo lo que se pone provisionalmente en suspenso, sino el individuo entero, especialmente sus pensamientos. Porque actuar es pensar”. Alfredo Castro.

Alfredo Castro is a Chilean theatre director, actor, and playwright. He is the founder of Teatro de la memoria. In 1989, he received a grant from the French government for advanced studies in theatre directing in Paris, Strasbourg, and Lyon. As an actor, Castro has appeared in several films by Chilean director Pablo Larraín, including Fuga (2006), Tony Manero (2008), Post Mortem (2010), No (2012), and El Club (2014), the last of which received accolades like the prestigious Jury Grand Prix at the Berlin Film Festival. He has also appeared in La buena vida (2008), É stato il figlio (2012), Carne de perro (2013), and the Venezuelan film Desde allá (2015), which received the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival. As a director, he has adapted Chilean writer Diamela Eltit’s novels Mano de obra and Jamás el fuego nunca and Sarah Kane’s Psicosis 4:48, for the stage, and he has directed La manzana de Adán and Historia de la sangre. A review of his most recent film Tengo miedo torero (2020), can be found on Variety.

Photo courtesy of Rodrigo López

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