Nathaniel Wolfson

Graduate Student
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B.A. in Comparative Literature,   Brown University, 2010 MA. in Spanish and Portuguese, Princeton University, 2014

My primary interests are the aesthetic and theoretical practices of the Brazilian intermedial avant-garde, and the Concrete poetry movement in particular; in the history of the Brazilian novel, and the comparative study of modern Brazilian, European and Latin American literature and culture generally. My dissertation titled Versions of the Concrete: Brazilian Mid-Century Aesthetics (1950-1970) explores the concrete aesthetics of the poet João Cabral de Melo Neto, the Noigandres group of Concrete Poets, and the visual artist Mira Schendel within the context of the intermedial relations operating among poetry, technology, and visual arts in 1950s Brazilian literature and culture, including critical intellectual and aesthetic exchanges between the Brazilian and German avant-gardes, and investigates larger questions of poetic materiality generally.