Jorge Gaupp Berghausen

Graduate Student
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021 East Pyne

Jorge Gaupp is a PhD candidate at the Spanish and Portuguese Department. He holds a BA in Political Science from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), an MA in International Development from the Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales (ICEI), an MA in Education from the UCM, and a Master in Arts from Princeton. He has participated in study abroad programs in Italy (Unniversità degli Studi di Trieste) and the US (Carleton College, MN and Oberlin College, OH), where he worked simultaneously as a Language Teaching Assistant.

Jorge has collaborated with commercial and specialized press in Spain and the US (Ctxt, The Volunteer, La Marea, Era Solar). His dissertation, “Iberian anarchist culture and life in the early XXth century” explores the genealogy, ethics, and imaginary of anarchism in the Peninsula through literature, imagery, and autobiography. He is also researching and publishing on educational practices from the late XIXth century to the present in Spain.

Jorge received the 2017 Teaching Award from Princeton Graduate School.

Courses taught:
Princeton University
• SPA 230 - Contemporary Spain in context (assistant)
• SPA 207 – Studies in Spanish language and style
• SPA 107 - Intermediate/Advanced Spanish
• SPA 101 - Beginner's Spanish I

Oberlin College
• SPA 324 - Popular Culture in Latin America (assistant)
• SPA 203 - Intermediate Spanish II (assistant)