Gerardo Munoz

Graduate Student
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Gerardo Muñoz is a third year doctoral candidate specializing in the intersection between Latin American culture, State, and political thought. His dissertation entitled “Fissures of the State: krisis of sovereignty in Latin America's mid-twentieth century”, studies the fracture and crisis of “sovereign reason” in diverse cases such as Roa Bastos’ Paraguay, the Argentinian foundational state, and the Cuban Revolution construction of popular hegemony. His recent research is interested in contemporary Italian political philosophy, subalternity, political theology, and economy. He has translated essays to Spanish & English by diverse thinkers such as Giorgio Agamben, Russell Bermann, and Gayatri Spivak. Some of his most recent publications are “La politica de los gestos” ( in P.M: cine, poder y censura,   Madrid: Colibri, 2012); “Infrapolitics, the specter of equivalence: notes on oikonomia and sovereignty” for journal Culture & Critique; the dossier “Posthegemony after the Gramscian Moment”, soon to be published by journal Politica Comun (Summer 2015), and “Soberanía, acumulación, infrapolítica”, a dialogue with philosopher Sergio Villalobos-Ruminott. He writes frequently for the argentine online publication “Lobo Suelto”, and is a member of the academic collective “Infrapolitical Deconstruction” (